Money Back Policy

No Refund Applied to:

7 Days refund policy is not applied on bellow services:

  • All Unmanaged VPS Services
  • All Dedicated Servers
  • Any Addons Purchased such as IP Address, RAM, Disk Space etc
  • All Licensed Purchased through us such as (cPanel, DirectAdmin, WHMCS Licensed etc)
  • Managed Service taken
  • Backup Service etc

Refund Applied to:

7 Days refund policy is applied on:

  • Managed VPS, Except Addon cost (IP/Extra RAM/Space/Backup Service) and License Cost (cPanel/DireactAdmin or Other), for example: If Managed VPS Cost is taken and have asked for refund then you will get refund for VPS only there will no refund for Control Panel, since its taken externally.
  • If we fail to give you your ordered Dedicated/VPS Service within given time frame then you can claim for refund ( A Full refund will be given but if a notice is sent to you with estimated time frame and we fail to given in that period then you can also ask for refund).*

Note: If you have been ordered your server on week end and or on National Holidays or High End server, then it takes some time to execute the order and in this case for Dedicated Server it will be deliver in maximum 5 Business days and for VPS it will take maximum 12 Hours.